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FlavorStone grill pan

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FlavorStone Grill Pan in Blue/Grey.\n\nProduct Details:\n\n\nCooks your meals in their natural juices and flavours, meaning you'll consume less calories\nClean your pan with a simple towel swipe - egg whites, cheese, chocolate, bacon and even melted plastic does not stick to the pan, meaning no strenuous scrubbing is needed\nCan be used on gas, electric and/or ceramic stoves \nHeat conducts through the base of the pan and instantly radiates throughout the entire pan, eliminating hot spots so food cooks evenly without flash burning\nCooking with the FlavorStone is so effective that you only need to use a medium setting or lower which also saves your energy usage and costs\n\n\nShipping Information:\n\n\nShipping fees are capped at $9 per order\nYour order can take up to 2-3 weeks for delivery from end of campaign date (21 February 2013)\nPlease note shipping delays may be experienced in areas of QLD and northern NSW due to severe flooding and road closures. This is beyond our control\nAustralia-wide delivery only\nShipping address cannot be changed after placing order

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  • Brisbane